Prepare for Ghostly and Ghoulish Halloween Stains

As the witching hour approaches, it is best to be prepared to clean the aftermath of haunting stains left over from the tricks that well undoubtedly be played tonight.  Here is a quick list of what your night might have in store for you; Ghosts- Most notably, Slimer from the Ghostbusters franchise, this particularly disgusting  ghost [...]

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Increase Vacuum Frequency During Fall

WICHITA,KS (Ricks Professional Carpet Cleaning)  Warm fall conditions are definitely upon us here in the Wichita area and throughout the mid-west.  Conditions are still ripe for opening up our houses and letting the fresh air in.  One downside is that the dryer conditions and the Kansas wind blows quite a bit of dirt inside our [...]

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Scotchgard Now Protects Your Carpet From Holiday Wear

Now is the time to consider a Scotchgard treatment before increased holiday activity. WICHITA,KS: ( Proactive carpet protection using Scotchgard is one of the best planning options you can think of when protecting your home from the increased wear and tear that happens during the holidays.  And with kids, pets, relatives, and friends visiting, the [...]

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carpet care wisdom

Conventional and Non-Conventional Carpet Care Wisdom Conventional Wisdom:  No Shoes on the Carpet ( Makes sense, doesn't it?  Dry soils tracked in on shoes from outdoors tends to be abrasive.  This can damage carpet fibers by wearing against them and leave them more susceptible to staining.  And any oil based material attached to ones shoes [...]

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House Training Puppy Tips

Tips to House Train  Your Puppy AND Keep Your Carpet Clean It can be difficult to know where to start when you start to house train a new puppy.  Fortunately, there has been plenty of articles and work done on the topic.  Experts commonly advise owners to be patient and stay vigilant. This and being [...]

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Removing Gum From Carpet

Wichita Carpet Cleaning Don't let gum on your carpet or rug ruin your day. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to help remove gum and other adhesive related material from your carpet. This information is often used by professional cleaners who work in big facilities like theaters, schools, and hotels, but it [...]

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Removing Fruit Flavored Juice Carpet Stains

Fruit juice and energy drink spills can be a sticky cleanup.  While no carpet is completely stain proof most spills can be removed when quick action is taken and directions are carefully followed. Quickly blot the spill with a dry, non-dyed towel, paper towel, or white cloth. Do not scrub the stain. This can cause “distortion” [...]

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Carpets Acting as a Filter Need Deep Cleaned Often

Carpets acting as a filter need to be deep cleaned often. Many people don't think about it but carpet has been proven to act as a filter for indoor air.  By trapping dirt under its top surface carpets keep these pollutants from entering the air in your house.  This is an added bonus to having [...]

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Rick’s Professional Cleaning

Deepest Clean at the Best Price Explained - Rick's Professional Cleaning WICHITA, KS: Here at Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning, we take a very high degree of pride in our work. Whether its removing stubborn stains, pulling dirt and rejuvenating high traffic areas, or even dyeing bleach stains we work hard to make our customers happy [...]

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